Projector Software GmbH


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Since our foundation in 1988 we develop object oriented Software. In the first decade of our history we were mainly working on tools to support the process of software development. By now, we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Customization of automotive software tools
  • Processing of medical research data
  • Web sites / Solutions for e-commerce / Content Management including graphical design

Often our projects also contain software fundamentals, be it the development of low-level modules or of tools supporting the development process itself.

Depending of the respective circumstances, we will either work on contract in our own rooms or we will work freelance joining the customer's team in their locations.


Like in other technical fields, you have to follow specific rules in software development to achieve a sustainable design. In daily practice you will surprisingly often come across grown systems having reached a state contradicting the application of important rules. Thus we have depicted some crucial points on software design in our point of view.

In a complex project situation, sometimes critical decisions on software design have to be brought about in an early phase, yet before all determining factors are fully known. How to handle this incertainty may be crucial for project success: A reliable assessment of the chosen predefinitions normally will not be possible before it is too late to change the direction.

In order to illustrate our considerations on this, we have assorted a few examples on our page solution paths.


Depending on the needs in the current project, our teams will be set up from specialist with a lot of experience in their area of responsibility. Some of the co-workers have been teaming up since the foundation of the company. The following languages and technologies are particularly well covered by our specialists:

  • C, C++, Java, Smalltalk, Javascript
  • PHP (Symfony)

Complex development tasks often require a mix of several technologies. Please see the list on our page history to find out where we already gained experience.

Special Subjects

In the following areas we have expert knowledge:

  • Direct generation of Java runtime code (meta-languages, robotics)
  • Low-level extension and modifications for Smalltalk virtual machines
  • IP-streaming on Linux
  • Rapid development of web applications with Symfony